Bristol is one of the major UK ports for import and export for the automotive trade, from motor cars through to high and heavy

Deep sea vessel and cars Deep sea vessel alongside the Motor Vehicle Export Terminal
Automotive Terminals
Automotive Terminals

The import and export of motor vehicles is one of the most important trades of the Port.  There are now over 538 acres of car compounds including 217 acres of common user storage.  In excess of 600,0000 vehicles per annum are handled by a permanently employed, highly trained work force.  The objective of damage-free operations is achieved by continuous improvement and constant quality review in partnership with manufacturers.  Bristol's central location results in the most cost effective inland distribution in the UK.  Ship owners and operators have the benefits of Bristol being outside of the Low Sulphur Zone.

The shipping lines that currently call regularly at Bristol can be found here.


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500 acres of car compounds at the Port

500 acres of car compounds at the Port 500 acres of car compounds at the Port