Schedule of SOLAS / VGM Charges

Charges in relation to the provision of a Terminal Verified Gross Mass (TVGM) – with effect from 01/02/2022. These charges will be reviewed annually.

  • Royal Portbury Dock: Provision of a Terminal VGM  £16.00 per container.
  • Avonmouth Dock: Provision of a Terminal VGM £10.50 per container.
  • Avonmouth Dock: Weighing 2 * 20’ containers £25.00 lift and £10.50 per container Terminal VGM.

Containers delivered into the terminal which have no VGM provided to The Bristol Port Company, at least 24 hours prior to scheduled vessel arrival, and with no request to weigh on arrival at the terminal will need to then be weighed. These containers will incur a lift and weigh charge of £50 per container and an additional haul to the weighbridge to be arranged by the shipper’s shipping line or haulier.