Shipping lines

Contact the Ro-Ro, container and break bulk shipping lines currently calling Bristol Port

Royal Portbury Dock

If you do not see the service you require, contact the Commercial team on +44(0)117 982 0000


Shipping Line:                   Cronus Logistics

Type:                                  Containers

Destinations:                       Four sailings per week each way to/from Warren Point, Northern Ireland

Contact:                              + 44 (0)2841 753241

                                           [email protected]


Shipping Line:                   DFDS Suardiaz Line (DSL)

Type:                                 Containers

Destinations:                     Weekly service to and from Bilbao (joint service with MacAndrews)

Contact:                             +44 (0)1469 562100

                                          [email protected]


Shipping Line:                   G2 Ocean

Type:                                  Break-Bulk

Destinations:                      Monthly service from South Africa

Contact:                             +47 55 23 96 00

                                          [email protected]


Shipping Line:                   Glovis

Type:                                  Ro-Ro

Destinations:                      Far East Service

Contact:                             +31 627 001743


Shipping Line:                   Grimaldi Lines

Type:                                  Ro-Ro and Containers

Destinations:                      Weekly services from and to the Mediterranean, serving Gemlik, Autoport, Yenikoy, Salerno,

                                          Palermo, Livorno, Savona, Piraeus, Alexandria, Ashdod, Valencia and Setubal

                                          Weekly service to Ireland and Scandinavia

                                          Regular service from USA via Antwerp

Contact:                             +44 (0)207 930 5683

                                          [email protected]


Shipping Line:                   K Line

Type:                                  Ro-Ro

Destinations:                      Services from the Far East, Mexico and USA

Contact:                             +44 (0)207 382 6500

                                          [email protected]


Shipping Line:                   MacAndrews

Type:                                 Containers

Destinations:                     Weekly services to and from Bilbao (joint service with DSL)

                                         Weekly service to and from Portugal

Contact:                            +44 (0)151 479 5555


Shipping Line:             Maersk Line

Type:                            Containers

Destinations:               Weekly feeder from Rotterdam

Contact:                       0844 264 1263

Email:                          [email protected] / [email protected]



Shipping Line:                 Mitsui OSK Lines

Type:                                Ro-Ro

Destinations:                    Far East Service

Contact:                           +44 (0)207 265 7500


Shipping Line:                 MSC

Type:                               Containers

Destinations:                   Weekly feeder service to/from Antwerp and Sines connecting to worldwide services

Contact:                           +44 (0)1473 277777

                                        [email protected]


Shipping Line:                   Neptune Lines

Type:                                  Ro-Ro

Destinations:                      Regular service from Northern Spain

Contact:                             +32 3 227 3081



Shipping Line:                   NYK

Type:                                  Ro-Ro

Destinations:                      Far East Service

Contact:                             +44 (0) 20 3409 7500.



Shipping Line:                   Saga Welco

Type:                                  Break Bulk

Destinations:                      Regular service from China

Contact:                             +32 3 227 3081

                                          [email protected]


Shipping Line:                   UECC

Type:                                 Ro-Ro and High and Heavy

Destinations:                     Weekly service from Zeebrugge to the Mediterranean serving Sagunto, Livorno, Piraeus and


Contact:                             +47 21 00 98 00

                                         [email protected]


Shipping Line:                   WWL

Type:                                  Ro-Ro

Destinations:                      Far East Service

Contact:                             +44 (0)2380 637 233

                                          [email protected]