Faster, better, stronger

Published: Wednesday 1st November 2017

The Port’s advancing animal feed trade gained an extra edge this month with an investment in new equipment to boost further the speed and efficiency of operations.

Two British made JCBs have been purchased to add to an impressive range of front end loaders, which are expected to move 700,000 tonnes of animal feed in the next year at Royal Portbury Dock. The vehicles will load over 25,000 lorries a year and as it only takes seven loads from the new JCBs to fill an articulated vehicle, the operations are expected to be faster and more efficient.

The Port is long established as one of the leading players in the animal feed trade. The ABS sheds alone have capacity for over 200,000 tonnes of feed such as sunflower pellet and high protein soya, which mostly goes on to feed British cattle for dairy farming. James Reeson, Operations Manager said “The additional front end loaders will add to our efficiency in servicing our customers for the future”

In 2015, the Port invested in the largest single feed mixer in the country to offer a blending service to customers. The blending of animal feeds is a more cost effective means of feeding animals, with the majority of blends being delivered into the dairy market. With recent increases in milk prices this has seen volumes steadily growing with over 400 tonnes delivered on busier days. James says "The introduction of the largest single feed mixer in the country back in 2015, has enabled us to manage the higher volumes with much greater loading efficiency"

Meanwhile, in other news for the flourishing animal feed trade, the Port recently passed the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme Audit. (UFAS) The Universal Feed Assurance Scheme audit exists to ensure the operations comply with feed hygiene regulations and the on-going efforts by all involved saw the operation pass the audit with flying colours.