JCB's to USA

Published: Wednesday 4th October 2023

In the heart of Avonmouth Docks, the ship Pulpca was loaded with a cargo of JCB's bound for export to the United States.

Pulpca in Avonmouth Docks.

A cargo ship, named Pulpca, arrived at West Wharf in Avonmouth Docks, to pick up and transport a shipment of JCBs across the Atlantic Ocean to eager customers in the United States. JCB, a renowned British construction equipment manufacturer, has showcased the excellence of British engineering on an international stage.

The JCBs, renowned for their durability and versatility, were carefully positioned on the ship's deck. These pieces of heavy machinery, each a testament to British innovation and craftsmanship, were destined to aid construction projects in the United States.

The export of JCB's serves as a reminder of the important role that Bristol Port has played in facilitating international trade for many years. With its strategic location and state-of-the-art facilities, Bristol Port has consistently been a preferred choice for companies looking to export goods efficiently.