World’s biggest wood pulp producer starts shipments to Bristol Port

Published: Wednesday 4th April 2018

Bristol Port last month received the first shipment under a new contract expected to bring significant volumes of wood pulp from Brazil to Royal Portbury Dock.

Mobilana entering through the lock

Shipped by Fibria, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wood pulp, the cargo will be arriving from Santos in São Paulo on Saga Welco vessels.

The new shipments will be warehoused at the docks before being distributed to various paper mills across the UK, where it will be used to produce a full range of paper products, such as paper, tissue and nappies.

Bristol Port’s central location, placing it closer to Fibria’s customers, was a key reason for the operation relocating from another UK Port.

James Stangroom, Commercial Manager at Bristol Port said: “This is another important milestone in our work supporting the break bulk industry, where we have a long and proud history. Pulp and paper are among a wide range of cargoes we receive. We handle the largest break bulk vessels in operation, and our extensive 1 million sq ft of warehousing facilities offers polished concrete floors or open storage.”

The first shipment weighed more than 15,000 tonnes and was greeted by 15 members of the Operations team who worked seamlessly to discharge the vessel. The next shipment will be arriving on April 14.