Policy & PMSC

The Marine Department of The Bristol Port Company meets the Company Quality Management Policy (ISO9001 standard) and the guidance of The Port Marine Safety Code

Arriving in Portbury Lock

The Bristol Port Company, as the Statutory Harbour Authority for the Port of Bristol, complies with the Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC).  The PMSC has been developed to improve safety in UK ports and to enable harbour authorities to manage their marine operations to nationally agreed standards. It provides the standard against which the policies, procedures and the performance of harbour authorities can be measured. It also describes the role of board members, officers and key personnel in relation to safety of navigation and summarises the main statutory duties and powers of harbour authorities.

As required by the PMSC, The Bristol Port Company operates an effective marine safety management system based on formal risk assessments covering navigation, port craft, and personnel.

The byelaws apply to all parts of the Port of Bristol, and to all persons and vessels using the harbour or within the harbour premises; a specific section applies to pleasure craft and recreational activities within the harbour. The purpose of these byelaws is to support the management and regulation of marine operations and navigation at the Port of Bristol, and includes rules governing the conduct of vessel Masters.