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Britain's most centrally located deep sea port


We will be releasing a new Bristol Port website later this month. For details click here.

The Bristol Port Company was formed in 1991 when entrepreneurs Terence Mordaunt and David Ord purchased the port of Bristol from Bristol City Council.  Since privatisation the company has invested over £450 million to create a modern, thriving business offering the full range of shipping, distribution and logistics services.
The port had dominated the city centre of Bristol for centuries but as vessels increased in size and draft, a new dock basin was constructed at the mouth of the River Avon in the 1870s. For the same reasons a Century later Royal Portbury Dock was constructed, opening in 1977 to cater to ever increasing vessel sizes. 
The advantages of Bristol Port today are:


It is Britain’s most centrally located deep sea port and can handle vessels up to 130,000 dwt.
Bristol is recognised as the most economical port distribution location in the UK being able to access a population of 45 million people within a 300km radius.
Bristol has the best motorway access. Both Avonmouth and Portbury have their own dedicated motorway junctions on the M5 – just seven miles from the M4 interchange and the second Severn crossing.
Both Royal Portbury and Avonmouth Docks are rail connected.
Bristol’s entire 2,600 acre dock estate is zoned for industrial use and can offer spacious sites adjacent to the Port. Royal Portbury Dock is a modern facility, having been completed in 1978.


These vital resources, combined with creative, efficient management, provide a climate for innovation, but that is not enough to ensure Bristol’s continuing competitiveness. That is why we will continue to invest in the technology, the security, the skills and the people who make it happen.