Organisation structure

You can contact us on +44(0)117 982 0000 or use the following email addresses:

Terence Mordaunt (Joint Chairman) or David Ord (Joint Chairman) - [email protected] 

David Brown (Chief Executive) - [email protected]

Chris Adams (Director of Engineering) - [email protected]

Miles Adams (Director of Dry Bulks and Project Cargo) - [email protected]

Stephen Birt (Marine Director & Haven Master) - [email protected]

John Chaplin (Director - External Affairs & Special Projects) - [email protected]

Hamish Cormack (Operations Director) - [email protected]

Kieron Flower (Director of Personnel) - [email protected]

John Harrison (Director of IT) - [email protected]

Jonathan Mordaunt (Managing Director) - [email protected]

Andrew Ord (Chief Operating Officer) - [email protected]

Ian Sharper (Finance Director) - [email protected]

James Stangroom (Director of Containers and Breakbulk) - [email protected]

Brian Steeds (Director - Automotive Trade) - [email protected]

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